Kyleen Baptiste– To a kind wife and mother. She’s my amazing wife, and is a true partner in every endeavor we have.

Ron Baptiste– To my father, whose life journey would blow your mind, and whose determined spirit and steadfast work ethic has been foundational in my life. Thank you for firing me as a teenager, from the family business, because I thought I was deserving. You made me work at the C- Bee grocery store (somehow I ended up in the trash area). The way you’ve taught me life is immeasurable. Thanks Pops for not being focused on being my best friend growing up, but a father that your boy needed.

Craig Peterhansen– A great man, great mentor, and beloved friend.  This man, who has run major global operations for Chevron Global, has been so gracious to pour into me and show me how to serve others while leading, and how to properly keep my eye on the prize.

John Meyers- To my dear friend, who is always 100% true to himself and gives sacrificially by pouring into others through coaching. Thank you, brother, for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be a head coach. Those years will forever be a treasure to me.

Gary Emmick- What a journey it has been. To seeing a leader give to his people many times more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Also leading through hard times, trials and obstacles while keeping a steady hand. His heart makes him the person he is. Thank you for the opportunity to dream, cultivate and execute.

Valor Senior Management Team– What an amazing journey we’re on! From meetings wondering what our weekly checking account balance was, then making our first 6 figures, to now seeing a company that operates at the top of the industry, none of it would have ever been possible without the team we have.  Absolutely Amazing. Thanks for allowing me to serve along side you and learn from each of you through the years.

Cindy Jetmore– To an amazing woman who could have been my twin.  I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Cindy over the last 4 or 5 years, before she overcame her very long battle with cancer and is now in the best place of all- Heaven. Cindy was brilliantly talented as a business woman, an encourager to so many, and could outperform a construction crew with the highest level of excellence, even in her last days.

Joe Miller– I miss you Mr Blue Chip.  Joe is one of the best business coaches I’ve experienced, and the bond we created continues to be an encouragement and inspiration to me.  I’m forever grateful.



Jon Gordon– All I have to say is “The Energy Bus!”  The second best book that I’ve ever read, second to the Bible.

John Maxwell– From his book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, to “How Successful People Think”, to hearing him speak when I was 24….. his passion for seeing other people succeed impacted my business perspective greatly.

Dave Ramsey– It starts from being told by my father that Dave gave him the opportunity to install flooring in his house long ago, when Mr. Ramsey was beginning his financial advising.  Back then, we didn’t have a lot, and Dave made a huge impact on our family when he paid my father extra for the excellent work. Later in life, when I read his first book, it helped me to become debt free at 26 with sound and solid biblical principles. This is a gift that I pray will last generations in my family.